Kit for the maintenance of boats and yachts.

The set includes: Nasiol MetalShine + AntiMoss + Glasshield Marine + MarineTex + Nasiol Clean 150 ml + Nasiol fine microfiber cloth 2x + Nasiol Clean 150 ml + Nasiol Clean 150 ml + Nasiol Clean 150 ml + Nasiol Clean 150 ml
Nasiol microfiber polishing cloth 2x + big bag

The kit is suitable for your boat or yacht and can be used for restoration, cleaning and protecting the interior and exterior.

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NB! Telli veel: 25.00 eest ja KINGIME TASUTA TARNE!

>>> Nasiol Metalshine and AntiMoss protects your boat’s frame from sun and sea salt damage.

>>> GlasShield Marine takes care of your vehicle’s glass and mirrors. The product does not leave water marks or streaks. Gives the glass good transparency and dirt and water slides off easily.

>>> MarineTex protects your boat’s fabric and textile surfaces.

>>> Nasiol Clean cleans your boat’s surfaces before applying the nano-coating.


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