Anti-graffiti nanotechnology protection for metal, paint and hard surfaces

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– Anti GRM is a new advanced environmentally friendly product for the protection of surfaces against graffiti. It is specifically developed for metals and painted surfaces, but can also be used on other hard surfaces such as glass and plastic.

– The coating chemically fuses to the surface as an ultra-thin layer at around 500 nm, making it much more difficult to remove than other similar products. The product has a minimum consumption and is specially formulated for metal and paint surfaces to achieve maximum durability and cleaning efficiency.

– REACH compliant and low VOC formula meets all global environmental and health regulation requirements.

– In addition to its anti-graffiti properties, it also protects the surface from stains, dirt and other harsh conditions, increasing the surface’s durability.

– It is transparent and, thanks to its single-component technology, can last up to 3 years.

– Thanks to its special formulation, the application on metals, paints and hard surfaces is low-cost, which in turn leads to cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

– A simple pressure wash or wash with a microfibre cloth is all that is needed to remove graffiti from the surface. The latest cutting-edge technology allows for easier and time-saving cleaning compared to competing conventional products.

After application, it is easy and effective Clean the surfaces and make sure all dirt, detergents and other residues are removed. Spray on a thin layer and polish the surface with a cloth. Clean the sprayer with pure alcohol after using the product or if you do not use the product for 15 minutes. Allow Anti-GMR to dry for at least 12 hours, keeping surfaces free from water and dirt.

The product is available in the following quantities: 1l; 5l and 30l

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