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Safe shopping

Why choose an online store to shop AutokeemiaMüük.ee ?puhas auto

In addition to shopping centers, more and more stores are moving to the virtual world, as consumer demand for e-services and e-commerce has increased and ordering goods from e-shops has become commonplace.

  • Shopping online is convenient and there is a better overview of the available car chemistry offers.
  • Shopping online makes it easy to compare different products on offer and watch product videos and other introductory information.
  • Finding products is easier than in a regular store! – It’s just worth opening the appropriate category and you’re right on the shelf :)

Safe shopping!

  • The data transmission of the website is properly protected: You can see this by looking at the closed or open lock sign in the browser window. You can also check it by looking in the address bar https: // which is secure. Insecure pages have instead http: //
  • Secure bank transfers using automated bank link systems.
  • Fast and safe transport with customer-approved partner companies Omniva and Smartpost.
  • Thorough packaging of the products ensures that the product is delivered undamaged.
  • If the packaging is damaged during handling so that the product is damaged, please take a picture and send it to us contacts to the email below.

Guaranteed quality!koolitatud meeskond

We guarantee our customers high quality and professionally approved products. It is important for us that the tools we offer also give excellent results.
Many of the care products used by professionals are not even available to customers in regular stores, but in our store, every customer has access to the tools that are also used by service providers and that do not usually reach retail customers.

All tools have passed a quality test by our team before being placed on the shelves of the e-store to ensure the performance of the tools.
For example, our site currently has the world’s top: No.1 Nanoprotective products from Nasiol; Polishing machines RUPES; Polishing pastes AUTOSOL; Highly valued glass wax AQUAPEL; Bottled professional series car chemistry XPERT-60 … Products you can be sure of can be found by us AutokeemiaMüük.ee from shop!

A trained professional team ensures customer satisfaction!

Our team is constantly training itself, testing existing tools and testing new tools and accessories. There are many possibilities of car chemistry, but we bring all kinds of variations from different high-quality chemicals to retail customers. If you have any questions regarding car wash chemistry or other products offered in our store, you can feel free to contact our team. We know and know all our products and we can definitely help you.

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