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Ceramic Car Wax – TONYIN Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax- 200g

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+ Hydrophobic wax with ceramic content
+ Tonyin® Ceramic Coating Wax isn’t just a wax, it’s innovative and long-lasting protection for your car!
+ Suitable for all glossy paints, plastics, chrome and glass. Can be applied by hand or machine
+ Easy wax installation
+ Easy wax removal with a microfiber cloth and no curing or waiting time!
+ Tonyin® Ceramic Coating Wax is a pure synthetic ceramic wax designed to provide excellent shine and extremely water-repellent durable protection for at least 3 to 6 months.
+ Restores colour, adds deep and rich shine!
+ Brings out the deeper shades of colour!
+ Durability 3-6 months

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Water repellency. Maximum results in minutes
– Achieves a “ceramic treatment” water-repellent effect on vehicle paint, glass, chrome, lights and rims.
Apply like classic old school car wax! Wax on and wax off
– The product is extremely quick to install and wiping down is easy. Ceramic Crystal Wax does not need long hours to dry like ceramic protective treatments.
Ultimate hydrophobicity
– By creating a protective layer of wax with a ceramic effect on the surface, any water that gets on the treated surface runs off very quickly.
Gloss, Depth and Protection:
– Creates an even, ultra-slippery finish on glossy paint surfaces, adding up to several shades more depth to the colour. Gives the surface high reflective properties making the car shine even more!
Improved SiO2 Protection Factor
– The product has been enhanced with SiO2 to ensure the maximum possible wax durability and protection against water stains, UV rays and paint damage, and to ensure that car paint surfaces remain reflective and provide a deep gloss effect for as long as possible.
Protection against water stains and chemicals
– The ceramic wax helps prevent water and dirt stains on the car’s surface. Unlike other competing waxes, Ceramic Crystal Wax with ceramic content gives your car protection for up to 6 months!
Safe & Efficient
– Safe for use on all glossy paint surfaces, plastics, chrome and glass. Can be applied by hand or machine.

Tips for better processing:
– For maximum protection, prepare surfaces by thoroughly cleaning the car in advance. After washing, also use car clay on car surfaces for maximum cleanliness to get rid of any dirt on the surface.

# Tonyin® Ceramic Coating Wax is not suitable for plastic surfaces with matte finishes. It is also not suitable for cars that have been coated with a car film with a matt finish.
# Before installing the product, make sure that the surfaces to be treated are cool and out of direct sunlight.
# Don’t coat the car when its surfaces are hot! The best results are achieved by treating surfaces in a cool, shady area (such as a garage).

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