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Foam gun – for compressor


Foam gun – for compressor

+ Compressed air foam generator!
+ Wear resistant and requires less maintenance.
+ Chemicals dosing tap
+ Suitable for 240V compressors
+ Low noise level
+ Effective “Snow Foam” car wash!

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NB! The product may have some scratched defects, but it is 100% working and new condition! Due to beauty defects, the product also has a larger discount.

  • Compressed air foam gun makes your car wash more professional! The foam gun uses air pressure from the compressor to turn shampoo or other well-foaming car wash substance into a thick foam. The foam structure is light and airy, and it stays on the car better than liquid soaking.
  • Maybe you have experienced washing the car, that the car dries during washing and it is not good to wash if the tool flows out of the car? The foam generator eliminates this concern, leaving the soak in the car for a long time. You can safely wash your car without waving quickly. The permanent foam in the car also helps to pre-soak the surface, releasing dirt from the surface. This is possible because the tool does not slip off the surface immediately and stays where it is intended. During car wash, a thin layer of light foam is left between the car and the wash glove, ensuring a smooth slip and safe car wash.
  • The compressed air foam gun works with a compressor with the capacity to produce 4 to 6,2 bar air pressure. For optimal performance, the best solution is to use a compressor that produces0.71 bari per minute, keeping the pressure close to 6.2 bar. With higher air preassure, the foam will also be thicker. The amount of foam can be checked using a dedicated tap located on the gun. This allows the product to be dosed as needed. Are you ready? ;)
  • The compressed air foam generator can be used with any foaming cleaner, such as shampoo, carpet and textile cleaners, and acid-free rim cleaners.
    NOTE: Rinse the gun before using another device to prevent cross-contamination.
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