Glass wax, nanoprotection for glass: Nasiol GlasShield


Nasiol GlasShield glass wax is a nanoprotector developed to protect the car’s glass surfaces from rain, which improves driving safety in rainy weather. Glass wax works on the treated surface for up to two years. Nano protection Nasiol GlasShield protects your car’s windshield, glass surfaces and side mirrors. This keeps the glass surfaces clean and stained and significantly improves visibility! Although Nasiol GlasShield is in fact a nanotechnological protective device and does not contain any wax, it is popularly referred to as “glass wax”.

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Glass wax or nanowax is a vernacular expression for nanoprotection.

However, Nasiol GlasShield is a glass nanoprotector based on nanotechnological components and does not actually contain any wax.

  • To treat the surface, choose a shady, dry and clean place.
  • Clean surfaces thoroughly. ( Nasiol Clean 500ml / Nasiol Clean 150ml)
  • Spray the nanoprotector on the surface of Nasiol GlasShield
  • Immediately polish the surface with a dry cotton cloth
  • Glass wax reaches maximum performance 24 hours after installation

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Glass wax Nasiol GlasShield is intended for use on car windows and mirror surfaces. If the nanoprotector accidentally gets on other surfaces, clean the surface immediately with a microfiber cloth.
Amount: 50 ml

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