Insect remover – insect stain remover – 1: 3

Al: 11.50

Removing insect debris with Insect Remover is easy and effective!
This insect remover is a special tool for removing dried insect remnants and blood splashes from the car or other surfaces.

  • Soak dried insect remnants
  • Economical: a concentrated tool. Dilution 1: 3
  • Professionals praise!


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Insect Remover. Removing insect debris is easy using a dedicated remover. Insect Remover cleans various surfaces: it removes insect remnants from paintwork, glass and other parts of the car or other vehicle.
Instructions for use: Recommended dilution – 1 part detergent concentrate: 3 parts water. It can be applied with a spray or cloth. The insect repellent must be rinsed off thoroughly. It must not be allowed to dry out, as this may damage some surfaces.
NB! Some alloys and plastic surfaces are sensitive to alkaline cleaners. It is recommended to test the effect on a small hidden surface before use.


Scratching insects with felt, bear tongue or brush?
All of these harsh scouring devices are usually a good tool for getting rid of insects on the windshield. They do nothing to the glass except make sure there is no sand there when rubbing the glass. A great choice for car washing is double sided car wash glove , which also has a separate surface for removing insect debris.

Removing insects with Insect Remover is a powerful and effective insect remover. Simply spray the insect repellent on the surface, let it work and let the melt away any melted insects and bird droppings from the vehicle. Be sure not to allow the soaking agent to dry out in the car. As with all chemicals, we recommend that you do not use the insect repellent in the sun or on a hot surface.


1L, 5L

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