Xpert-60 skin cream


Leather Creme Xpert-60 Leather Creme

  • A unique blend of natural oils that help maintain the original quality of the skin surface.
  • Keeps the skin elastic and improves stain resistance.
  • Silicone free


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Instructions for use:
Not suitable for suede care. Before use, always check the suitability of the product and the water and color fastness of the skin surface in a small hidden area. Clean heavily soiled surfaces first with XPERT-60 Leather Cleaner (CXP-90008) and allow the surface to dry completely.

Shake bottle thoroughly. Apply the product with a soft, clean, dry cotton cloth. Rub gently until the surface is evenly covered with cream. Allow the product to soak into the surface. Polish with a dry cloth until the surface shines as desired.

Frequency of use: In temperate climates, 2 maintenance procedures per year are sufficient. In dry and hot climates, use regularly but sparingly to keep skin surfaces in top condition.

Packaging: 500ml

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