Nasiol PPF GUARD ceramic coating (1,5a)- 50ml KIT


PPFGuard is a ceramic nano-protection that enhances the performance of paint protection films, protects the surface of the film from various factors and extends the life of the surface. It is applied in 2 coats and the waiting time between coats is short. PPFGuard gives the film-coated surface hydrophobic, UV-resistant and easy-to-clean properties without compromising the physical properties of gloss, matt and satin surfaces. This prevents colour fading caused by the sun’s rays and does not alter the structure of the films, which have a self-repellent function. Nasiol PPF Guard: + Provides UV and chemical resistance to films. + Durability up to 18 months. + Supercoating with high hydrophobicity. + PPF Guard does not hinder the performance of self-healing protective films. + Recommended for professional detailing specialists.

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