OSONAATOR – Virus and bacteria killer, deodorizer, air purifier.

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+ WHOLE ROOM TIGHTNESS: Ozone is a gas that can penetrate into corners and cracks that are usually difficult to clean or access.
+ The ozone cartridge can be easily and safely replaced by the operator. No additional service is required from the supplier.
+ The Ozone Generator is a great choice for removing odours, viruses and bacteria from cars, trucks and boats.
+ Supplied with 220 V adaptor and cigarette lighter adaptor for direct connection to car.
+ The generator is equipped with a timer for safety and automatically shuts down when the system has finished processing.
Ozone output: 4000 mg
Use area: 90 m²
Operating time: 1/2 to 3 hours
+ Delivery ~7 days

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An air ozonator is a device for removing unpleasant odours and bacteria from car interiors, buses, yacht and boat cabins and living areas. Moisture in winter can cause mould, mildew, bacteria and other odour-causing organisms in cars and other vehicles as the weather warms up. There are also many pathogens in living rooms and public buildings, etc. Many of them are dangerous to human health – especially for people with allergies. It is therefore particularly important to eradicate these organisms. The device is very effective in removing smoke odours and also odours from pets. Ozone is a natural gas that is a vital component of healthy, clean air. It is significantly higher in natural air than in urban polluted air. Ozone is the most abundant component in the air after thunderstorms. You can also smell the special fresh smell of ozone in the air. The same smell is produced when using an ozonator. Ozone is second in the world only to chlorine in its antibacterial properties. Ozone is 3000 times more effective at killing bacteria, microbes and viruses than chlorine, even in consumer chemistry. At the same time, an ozonator does not leave an unpleasant smell like chlorine and floor-based chemicals. Ozone oxidises microorganisms at the atomic level, rendering them harmless and preventing them from reproducing. In other words, the ozone molecule kills bacteria, moulds, viruses, etc. that are harmful to humans. The principle of operation of an air purifier is to release excess ozone from the air. When the unit is running, air is drawn from the room into the air cleaner. The air is disinfected as it passes through the unit. The clean ozone-enriched air is recirculated back into the room. There, in turn, it harms any negative organic particles (microbes, bacteria, viruses, moulds, dust mites, etc.) that are airborne or attached to, for example, curtains, carpets, furniture, etc. inventory. Unlike disinfectants in liquid form, ozone can penetrate everywhere, including various cavities and the inside of surfaces.

Uses of the ozonator: Removal of odours from vehicles (smoker’s car, pet odour, odour of exhaust, mould, etc.), health and leisure centres, solariums, swimming pools, sports centres, veterinary clinics and hotels, ambulances and rescue vehicles, police stations, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, kitchens, dishwashing rooms, laundry rooms, smoking rooms, hotel rooms for allergy sufferers, hotel rooms for asthmatics, laundry rooms, rest rooms, bars, office buildings, offices, office rooms, smoking rooms, toilets, schools, kindergartens, classrooms, smoking rooms, hospitals, wards, doctors’ rooms, kitchens, smoking rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, dishwashing rooms, etc.

Instructions for use:The osonator works on a normal 220V power supply. Place the appliance in the room or car compartment to be cleaned, close the windows and doors, and switch the appliance on. Let the ozonator run for a few hours. Partitioning time depends on the dirt and bacteria in the cabin, on average 2-8 hours. At the end of the process, take the unit out of the machine/room, ventilate the room and the process is complete.

Cost of the appliance: the only cost is the electricity used, which is equal to the average electricity consumption of a light bulb.

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