Pitch remover, pitch remover, pitch washer- WINTER WASH

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  • Effective removal of pitch stains!
  • Spray on the surface and let it work for 3-7 min.
  • Fast and effective effect!
  • COMFORTABLE: Odorless diesel-based pitch remover.


  • FAST DELIVERY- Shipped out in 1 work day!
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Pitch remover, Pitch soak

Product Features
* The stain remover is a colorless liquid.
* It is an ‘Odorless’ pitch remover soaking agent.

Advantages of pitch spray:
* The pitch remover removes even the strongest dirt, pitch, asphalt, etc.
* The tool effectively cleans the engine, car exterior, as well as other workshop surfaces.
* Does not smell like competing tools.

Using the Pitch Remover

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Washing the engine with pitch remover
1. Spray plenty of pitch on the engine (do this evenly over the entire engine).
2. Let the pitch remove for a few minutes. (do not allow to dry!).
3. Wash the soaking agent with a pressure rinse (rinse from different angles).

Washing the car’s exterior with a pitch remover
1. Spray the pitch remover on the surface to be cleaned and leave it on for a while (do not allow it to dry).
2. Flush the tool thoroughly with a pressure washer.

* NB! Be sure not to wait long for the stain removal to dry on the surface. Do not work in direct sunlight!


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