Skin care product for cleansing and caring for the skin.

  • Leaves natural surfaces with a natural shine.
  • Contains protective oils that nourish the skin and increase its stain resistance.
  • The neutral pH level ensures that protective oils are not removed when cleaning the surface.
  • The treated surface remains elastic and prevents skin cracking.


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Skin care product for cleansing the skin. Leather soap & Conditioner does not contain volatile organic compounds. For best results, treat the cleaned surface Leather Care Creme (C32501).

USAGE: Spray gently on the surface to be cleaned, avoid getting the skin wet. Treat the surface with a clean cotton cloth. When cleaning a darker surface, treat the surface with a cloth dampened with clean water. DO NOT ALLOW THE PRODUCT TO DRY THE SURFACE. Leave the product on for about 2 minutes, then remove the soap residue with a clean damp (NOT WET) cloth, rinsing the cloth frequently in clean water. Remove excess moisture with a dry soft cloth. At the end of the cleaning, the surface must be completely dry to the touch. Once the skin is cleansed, we recommend treating it Leather Care Creme to provide even more protective natural oils to the skin.
NB! Do not use to clean suede or other similar leather surfaces. Always check in a hidden area that the skin is color fast and waterproof. Do not use to clean old and faded skin.

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