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Degreaser Delta Force 2000 is a car chemistry soak detergent with exceptional cleaning ability, removing any corroded and dense road dirt and grime from cars, boats or other surfaces. The soaking agent also easily dissolves dried insect remains!

  • Paint and plastic upholstery friendly.
  • The soaking agent can be used for both hot and cold water washing.
  • Also suitable for washing floors – painted and asphalt surfaces.
  • NB !! Highly concentrated soaking agent: use pre-diluted!
  • Follow the instructions for use on the product!


  • FAST DELIVERY- Shipped out in 1 work day!
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Car wash Degreaser Delta Force 2000: HIGH PRESSURE AND Soak WASHER Highly concentrated, high-performance cleaner, grease and road decontaminator for both cold and hot water.

The soaking agent effectively removes dirt adhering to heavy surfaces. A stronger solution can be made for dried insect debris or other even heavier dirt than for the rest of the car. Also suitable for use with a foam gun. For best results, apply Delta Force 2000 for a few minutes before washing off. Dirt releases from the surface after soaking with car chemistry, and after pressure washing, the car becomes beautiful and clean. To wash dirty car tires, use a stronger solution – just spray on the surface and let it work. If necessary, wash the tire with a brush before rinsing. If you want to dry the car after washing, be sure to do a shampoo wash after soaking. You can dry the car after shampooing.
NB! Do not use too concentrated washing solution! Always rinse the soaked surface thoroughly with plenty of cold water.
The soaking agent Delta Force 2000 is completely biodegradable according to EU standards. Free of organic solvents, phosphates and silicates. Does not damage paintwork, metal or plastic parts. pH-13.7

After soaking, we recommend washing with wax shampoo: CAR SHAMPOO PROFILE WASH & WAX
For more information on post-wash nanotreatments: NANO PROTECTORS FOR CARS


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