Water-based stain remover FINISH SPRAY EXTERIOR Cook 1L


High-speed descaler with descaler – For efficient removal of water spots

FINISH SPRAY EXTERIOR is an all-in-one spray for the quick maintenance of all exterior vehicle surfaces (e.g. paint, glass and plastic).
+ The special formulation removes even the most stubborn scale quickly and without leaving residues.
+ Cleans, maintains and preserves in one step.
+ Brings out the depth of colour, leaving a smooth, shiny streak-free high shine.
+ Quick to remove, easy to use and protects surfaces from dirt and grime.

Applications: exterior surfaces of vehicles (paints, glass, plastics) n
Recommendations for use: use a spray bottle to apply the product evenly to the areas to be treated and buff with a soft, high-quality microfibre cloth.
WARNINGS: Do not use indoors or on acid-sensitive surfaces. Do not use on hot surfaces. Check suitability and compatibility before use.

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