Fresso Wheel Cleaner

Al: 11.90

+ Safe to use on all types of rims (including polished rims), tyres and aluminium.
+ Excellent for cleaning car exteriors.
+ Contains corrosion inhibitors.
+ High cleaning power thanks to high concentration.
+ For light dirt, the product can be diluted (up to 1:10).
+ PH = Alkaline

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Fresso Wheel Cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean the exterior of your car in a completely safe way. Thanks to its advanced formula, the wheel cleaner sticks to every element, effectively dissolving accumulated dirt. To remove light dirt, you can dilute the product up to 1:10 with water. The product is acid-free and safe to use on all types of rims, tyres and aluminium. In addition, it contains corrosion inhibitors that protect cleaned parts from rusting.

1. Apply ready-to-use or diluted Wheel Cleaner to the wheels by spraying.
2. Apply the product thoroughly with a soft brush.
3. Leave the product on the surface for ~2 minutes but do not let it dry.
4. Pressure wash the wheels thoroughly.

* Be sure to test the product on less visible surfaces first.
* Use the product on cool rims away from direct sunlight.
* Store in a dark place at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius.

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