CAR SHAMPOO- Concentrate- 1: 100

Al: 8.90

Car shampoo for washing vehicles.

  • Removes dirt and road contamination from the vehicle body
  • Easy to rinse off, leaves no stains or streaks on the surface
  • Washed surfaces remain clean, shiny and shiny
  • Concentrated, economical to use

Instructions for use: dilute the car shampoo with 100 to 125 parts of warm water. Apply liberally to the surface to be washed. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do not wash vehicles in direct sunlight.


NB! Telli veel: 25.00 eest ja KINGIME TASUTA TARNE!

Car shampoo is an important part of car wash.

Car shampoo does not allow the surface to dry quickly and therefore does not dry out the surface. Car Shampoo Car shampoo is well concentrated and is economical to use. The surface under the foaming wash glove is soft and slippery, which makes car washing more comfortable and faster. The right car shampoo and tools also guarantee great results! Select car wash accessories here !
Environmental friendly. The surfactants in the product are completely biodegradable in accordance with the requirements laid down in Regulation 648/2004 / EC.


1L, 5L

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