Textile washing- H.D Fabric cleaner 1:60

Al: 11.90

Textile washing agent H.D. Fabric Cleaner for wet washing and dry cleaning. Suitable for use in all textile washers.

  • Super effective
  • Refreshes textiles and deep cleansing effect restores the surface structure of the fabric.
  • Clean and pleasant smell!
  • Consumption: 1L = 80 m²
  • Dilution to 1:80


NB! Telli veel: 25.00 eest ja KINGIME TASUTA TARNE!

The textile wet cleaning agent “H.D Fabric cleaner” has been developed according to the requirements of the car / transport sector, suitable for cars, wagons, buses, etc. Quickly removes even corroded dirt. Low foaming, it facilitates use. Contains a special substance that restores the original vividness of colors. The tool is highly concentrated. You can clean up to 80 m² of fabric or carpet per liter.
Instructions for use: Dilute one part detergent to 80 parts hot water. Make sure that the device sprays and sucks properly. Make sure that as much liquid as possible is removed from the fabric and that drying takes place as quickly as possible. Warning. May cause skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes, causes severe eye irritation. Wear protective gloves / goggles. Wash thoroughly after handling.


1L, 5L

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