Nasiol -T
Protects textile and fabric surfaces from stains and water.

The hydrophobic and oil-repellent properties give the treated fabric stain-free and easy-to-clean properties, making it a waterproof fabric. The product range also includes products that protect clothing (depending on the material) from UV rays, thereby extending the life of the product and its color. Simple clothing protection products generally require high heat to protect the product and wear down quickly. Nasiol T products no longer have this concern!

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You can get acquainted with our products from here. In the selection you will find products for home, car, boat and personal use.

Areas of application: Clothing, upholstery, seats (airplanes, cars, ferries, buses, trains), carpets, curtains and all other textile surfaces.

The product is available in the following quantities: 1l; 5l; 30l; and 30×7 = 210l (barrel)

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