Fresso Interior Dressing

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+ Feeds plastic, rubber and vinyl elements.
+ Protects plastic elements from damage and discolouration.
+ Restores the natural look.
+ Leaves a matt/satin finish*
+ Strong darkening effect*
+ Long-lasting antistatic effect repels dust and dirt.
+ Fragranced with luxurious perfume elements

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Fresso Interior Dressing thoroughly nourishes and protects the plastic, rubber and vinyl elements in your car. This cabin conditioner creates a long-lasting anti-static coating that repels dust and dirt. It contains UV filters that protect the plastic from degradation and discolouration. Maintain the natural look of plastic elements and provide a darkening effect that makes your car look exclusive. Thanks to the high efficiency of the product, you can enjoy a beautiful interior for a long time and enjoy your ride in the best aesthetic conditions. NB! The ease of application and the effect achieved make the product simply addictive.

1. Apply a small amount of the product with a microfiber cloth or applicator.
2. Distribute the product evenly over the surface.
3. Let the product dry for a moment.
4. Remove excess product with a dry microfibre cloth.

* The tinting strength and finish (matt/satin) may vary depending on the type of plastic, rubber or vinyl.
* Use the product on a cool surface and away from direct sunlight.
* Store in a dark place at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius.


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