Leather Cleaner- Fresso Leather Cleaner

+ Excellent cleaning performance
+ Penetrates thoroughly into the pores of leather surfaces
+ Safe to use
+ Neutral pH
+ Long-lasting and thick foam.

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Restore your leather upholstery by giving it a new lease of life with the Fresso Leather Cleaner, which cleans your car’s leather with just a touch. Thanks to its extreme cleaning power, the product instantly removes all contaminants. The thick and long-lasting foam penetrates the skin’s structure, eliminating unpleasant odours. It leaves skin smooth, soft and fresh.Just like the old days! Enjoy the unique fragrance the product leaves on your surface. Neutral pH.

1. Apply a small amount of the product with a brush.
2. Clean the dirty area with gentle circular movements.
3. Remove product residues with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
4. Allow the surface to dry.

* For a more economical and efficient cleaning, we recommend using a foam dispenser bottle when applying the product.
* Be sure to test the product on less visible surfaces first.
* Use this product on cool skin, away from direct sunlight.
* Store in a dark place at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius.



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