Water-repellent coatings for glass and ceramics – Nasiol-C & C1

The water-repellent spray provides a nanotechnological coating on the glass, which reduces pollution, protects against acid rain and icing on the glass and ceramic surfaces.


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Nasiol C is an effective water-repellent solution for glass and ceramic surfaces. It repels water and stains. Water repellent technology also protects the surface from mold, lime and other stains. It is widely used to provide rain and water resistance. The product does not leave greasy marks and does not impair the transparency of the glass like conventional oil-based products. The coated surface gets a strong hydrophobic, anti-stick and easy to clean layer. Nasiol-C glass and ceramic nano coating are: durable, long-lasting, resistant to acids and common chemicals. The product can also withstand temperature changes, it is easy to install, it is transparent and safe in contact with food.

Applications: Glass facades of buildings, vehicle windows, sinks, shower cabins, sinks, hotel rooms, tiles, conservatories, solar panels and all other glass and ceramic surfaces.

The product is available in the following quantities: 1l; 5l; 30l; and 30×7 = 210l (barrel)

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