Nano coating for pure metal alloys – NASIOL MP55

MP 55 is specially developed for unpainted metal products and pure metal alloys to help prevent corrosion and rust. Considering its industrial use, the product has proven its suitability for seawater vehicles, metal warehouses and even internal and external parts of firearms, etc.

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In addition to a layer that protects against corrosion and rust, the MP55 also provides strong protection against UV radiation, creating a transparent layer that prevents UV radiation on the surface. In addition to hydrophobic and oil-repellent properties, the surfaces have easy-to-clean, dirt-repellent and self-cleaning properties, which in turn saves time and money as the products last longer.

Application method:

· With a spray gun or spray and preferably on rough surfaces. The product is difficult to adhere to a smooth surface.

· Surfaces to be treated should be dry and clean.

· The surface to be treated must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

. The drying period is 24 hours.

The product is available in the following quantities: 1l; 5l and 30l

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