Nano Seat- Nano protection for seats


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Nasiol Nano Seat Protect preserves and protects the fabric parts of your vehicle from water and stains, giving them easy-to-clean properties and the aroma of a new car.

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Hydrophobic spray for fabrics

>>>You no longer have to worry about children with dirty shoes or hands and dogs with dirty paws smearing your car seats.

>>> Nanotechnology penetrates the fabric and makes each thread elastic and repels dirt, stains, water and oil.

>>> Your car smells like it just drove out of the dealership


How to use waterproof spray on textiles?

  • The surface to be treated should be free of any wax, dirt, grime, dust, water, oil, etc.
  • Surfaces should be treated in a well-ventilated area
  • Spray the product on the surface to be treated, per square meter, about 80-100 times
  • Drying time is 24 hours
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