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Rim Acid Super Alloy: A particularly strong rim cleaner, that is, for cast and steel wheels with excellent cleaning properties. The tool gives a first-class result – AND QUICKLY!

  • Effectively removes brake dust and metal debris from the wheels.
  • Yellow wheels are a thing of the past!
  • Highly concentrated, the acid can be diluted with water as needed, allowing for more economical use.


  • FAST DELIVERY- Shipped out in 1 work day!
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Wheel acid, ie a strong and fast-acting wheel cleaner. It is a rim cleaner that effectively removes brake dust and other dirt from cast or steel wheels and plastic shields. Fast-acting! Cleaning the wheels with Super Alloy wheel cleaner is extremely effective!
Instructions for use: Remove loose dirt. Apply rim cleaner to the surface with a brush or low pressure spray. 1. Spray on dry rims at a distance of 25 cm. 2. Treat hard-to-remove dirt with a wheel brush. 3. Let the product work for a few minutes, but do not let it dry. 4. Rinse off the rimic acid with a high-pressure cleaner.
CAUTION! Avoid getting rimic acid on the paintwork and plastic parts. Wash off splashes immediately with water. Do not use on unpainted surfaces or magnesium alloy or anodized wheels. Chrome parts must also be cleaned and rust removed carefully – the operating time should be 2… 3 minutes, after which the surface must be rinsed thoroughly. In the case of old, poor-quality chrome surfaces, it should be checked in advance on a small surface that the product does not damage the chromium layer. Hazardous chemical. Read the safety instructions on the packaging.

Pinnakaitse.ee: Professional autochemistry For your car!
See also: PH neutral Wheel cleaner.


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