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Car Ceramic wax? 50 hours of detail in VIDEOS!


The ceramic protective treatment of a car is definitely not a wax. Car waxing and car wax are not in any way similar to ceramic protective coatings. Ceramic protective treatment is 10x more durable than classic car wax and will last for years! Ceramic protective treatments used in the video:

ceramic protection nasiol

Ceramic protection Nasiol ZR53 offers protection even in Estonian climate for up to 3 years!
Nasiol GlasShield glass wax gives the driver a better driving experience, ensuring safe visibility even in the worst weather!
Nano-protection Nasiol MetalCoatF2 is a nano rapid ceramic that protects your car for up to 1 year!

NB! All Nasiol ceramic nanoprotectors have a chemical resistance that ensures that the agent stays in the varnish layer even after dozens of washes!

ceramic protection nasiol

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