Fresso Premium Car Shampoo

Al: 8.90

+ Luxurious car shampoo with a pleasant scent
+ Excellent foaming and slip resistance
+ High concentration (35 ml per 10 l)
+ Neutral pH
+ Easy to rinse
+ Safe for the maintenance of waxes and ceramic nanotreatments

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Highly concentrated, Fresso Premium Shampoo Car Shampoo removes all the dirt from your car, creating an easily removable lather. Thanks to its highly concentrated ingredients, it is extremely effective, only 35 ml per 10 litres of water! The product has a neutral pH. It is safe for waxes and sealants, leaving your car clean. With its fresh and extremely subtle fragrance, it is a product that cannot be ignored.

1. Remove the dirt with preassurewasher.
2. Pour 35 ml of shampoo into the bucket, then add 10 litres of water (warm water is recommended).
3. Wash the car starting from the roof and working your way down.
4. Rinse the car thoroughly with clean water.
5. Dry your car.

* Use in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
* Do not allow the product to dry on the car body.
* We recommend the two-bucket method.
* Store up to 4 degrees Celsius in a dark place.


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