Fresso Glass Cleaner

+ Excellent cleaning performance
+ Does not leave stripes!
+ Evaporates quickly
+ Does not contain ammonia!

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A perfect view while driving is a great advantage of any car. Give yourself this pleasure with Fresso glass cleaner, which effectively and with the utmost precision removes all contaminants from car windows. Efficient and powerful, it evaporates incredibly quickly, leaving the glass streak-free. And to think that cleaning the windows can take just a few seconds and smell a unique citrus scent!

1. Spray the product directly onto the surface
2. Spread the product using a short fiber microfiber cloth.
3. Polish the surface with the other side of the cloth.

* Use the product on a cool glass away from direct sunlight.
* Depending on the ambient temperature, the evaporation time of the product may vary.
* Store in a dark place at temperatures above 4 degrees Celsius.



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