Hi-Active Tar remover Xpert-60


HI-ACTIVE TAR REMOVER Xpert-60 Tar remover

  • Quickly dissolves and removes all oil-based deposits from the paint coating
  • Removes oil, fuel and wood juice stains from paintwork and glass surfaces
  • Also suitable for removing white polishing residues from external plastic surfaces and bumpers.
  • Removes from vehicle interior surfaces (seats, carpets, hard surfaces) oil stains, ink marks, chewing gum residues.
  • The unique solvent mixture leaves the user enough working time – the product does not dry too quickly.


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Instructions for use:
Apply to the surface with a soft absorbent cloth or spray. Leave on for 1-2 minutes. Gently rub the surface until the dirt is dissolved and removed. Then rinse the surface with a sponge and water.

Indoor use:
ATTENTION: Some surfaces are not color fast. If in doubt, check the color fastness of the material in a small hidden area. Pour a little on a clean cotton swab and apply to the stain. Take a clean cloth and gently rub the stain until the dirt is removed. Allow the treated surface to dry. Finally, remove any residue with an interior cleaner. Allow the surface to dry completely before using the vehicle.

Packaging: 325ml

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