Skin protection Xpert-60


Leather Protextor Xpert-60- Leather surface treatment agent

  • Protects and cares for both new and already used leather surfaces.
  • The innovative composition of the product leaves a durable invisible breathable protective layer on the surface, which repels dirt and stains (drinks, food, chocolate, ice cream, etc.).
  • Contains additives that protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation, which prevent the surface from drying out and the color of the leather seats and interior finish from fading.


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Instructions for use:
Before use, always check the suitability of the product and the water and color fastness of the skin surface in a small hidden area. Allow hot surfaces to cool before cleaning. Clean heavily soiled surfaces first with detergent XPERT-60 Leather Cleaner (CXP-90008) and allow the surface to dry completely.
Shake bottle thoroughly. Pour a small amount of product onto a clean polishing sponge. Gently wipe the skin surface to ensure even coverage. Do not polish, let the surface dry for about 15 minutes. Then wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth.
Warning: Leather Cleaner is not suitable for cleaning suede, synthetic textile material Alcantara and other similar materials.




Packaging: 500ml

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