Glass cleaner Xpert-60


Xpert-60 Glass Cleaner – Glass cleaner

Ultra-fast and surface-safe cleaner for all types of glass surfaces and mirrors.
* Developed for professionals for the toughest jobs, removes tobacco stains in the cabin and dried insect residue from the windshield.


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Really fast glass washing
Just spray and polish. Glass surfaces and mirrors remain shiny.

Detergent effect
Removes dirt, insect remnants, fingerprints, tobacco pitch and other stains.

Trace-free glass washing
The result is a crystal clear surface. Does not leave white streaks, blur or rainbow-colored circles.

Instructions for use:
To release the shutter button, press the red wings of the lock into place and lower the shutter button. Spray sparingly directly on the surface. Wipe off dirt with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Polish with a clean cloth to shine. For best results, process large glass surfaces in parts. Do not use in direct sunlight.

Packaging: 500ml

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