Universal cleaner Xpert-60


Xpert-60 Universal Cleaner Universal cleaner

  • Suitable for vehicle for cleaning interior surfaces
  • Suitable for vehicle external surfaces for cleaning – can be used as an anhydrous cleaner.
  • Cleans painted surfaces, plastic, fabric, metal, rubber, vinyl.
  • Fresh with a pleasant smell.


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Xpert-60 Universal Cleaner effectively and quickly removes dirt and soot. Highly active but safe composition.

Interior cleaning

Ideal for removing a small amount of dirt from all interior surfaces: textile carpets, seats, plastic and metal parts, door area and ceiling.

Exterior cleaning:

A powerful tool for removing dried insect debris from paint, plastic and glass. Great solution when water is not at hand.

Instructions for use:

To release the shutter button, press the red wings of the lock into place and lower the shutter button. Always check the suitability of the product in a small hidden area before use. Spray gently directly on the surface or on a microfiber cloth (eg XPERT-60 Microfibre Detailing Cloth). In case of stains or stubborn dirt, leave the product on for 2 minutes and rub off the dirt. Wipe the surface clean and allow to air dry. Repeat if necessary.

Packaging: 500ml

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