Wheel cleaner Xpert-60


Wheel Cleaner Xpert-60 rim cleaner

  • The special gel foam adheres well to the surface.
  • Effectively removes burnt black brake dust from lacquered alloy or painted steel wheels and plastic dust shields.
  • Safe non-volatile composition with a pleasant smell.
  • Quickly removes road debris, dirt and oil residues. The rim surface remains brilliantly clean and shiny.
  • Safe for plastics and tires.

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Instructions for use:
To release the shutter button, press the red wings of the lock into place and lower the shutter button.

Make sure the rims are cool. Do not use the product in direct sunlight. Carefully remove any loose dirt. Spray the product evenly on the rim, making sure that the entire surface is evenly covered. If necessary, rub the surface with a wheel brush. Leave the tool on for 2-3 minutes. The maximum duration of action is 10 min. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface, as this may cause stains. Rinse thoroughly with clean water using a high pressure washer.

Warning: Any strong cleaning agent can damage the rims and shields with anodized, unvarnished or damaged lacquer. If in doubt, try the suitability of the device in a small hidden area first. Do not clean stainless steel, the surface may remain stained. Do not use to clean magnesium or anodized alloy wheels or any aircraft parts.

Packaging: 500ml

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